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SBTechSBTech provide award-winning sports betting solutions
and a full range of management services to over 50 partners worldwide.

Defined by technical excellence and informed by deep market knowledge,
our innovative solutions deliver competitive edge and rapid growth for all our clients.

How has the past year been for SBTech?

This year we have gone from strength to strength,
both in terms of the products we’ve developed and the performance of our operators. Our flexible front-end solution with customised risk management and trading strategy
allows us to help maximise our operators’ revenues, leveraging their local expertise
with our industry-leading semi-managed trading tools.

What has set SBTech apart from the competition in 2016?

I think our agility, flexibility and speed to market has set us apart from the competition in 2016.
We entered Italy, Romania, and Portugal all within weeks of each other whilst also working
in partnership with our customers on important innovations such as a gamified loyalty program,
recently launched for herogaming.
In addition, the launch of our semi-managed solution is a significant milestone
as it gives our operators greater trading flexibility and helps distance SBTech further ahead of our peers.

With more operators signing up with SBTech, how can they differentiate their products and maintain brand identity?

SBTech operators get the best of both worlds. Each benefits from our product enhancement and continual innovation, whilst maintaining a unique look and feel and controlling their proposition through our toggle-on/toggle-off feature. Our partners enjoy full control of the front-end product, either developing it themselves via our NextGen API, employing a hybrid approach using SBTech widgets, or letting us fully implement their design. We work closely with operators to develop custom widgets and unique features, but our award-winning tools are flexible, enabling each partner to offer custom promotions and bonuses based on their own strategy, unique pricing and separately managed risk, rather than on pooled variables.

How important are new markets to your growth model, and are you most interested in pursuing emerging or mature markets?

New markets will continue to be a core element of SBTech’s growth as we leverage our recent entry into the regulated Romanian and Portuguese markets, and as we prepare to enter soon-to-be regulated markets such as Columbia, Poland and the Czech Republic. However, we are also strongly focused on more mature European regulated markets and see significant opportunities for winning new SBTech customers in these territories, and for our existing clients to continue increasing market share.

What are you working on over the next year and showing at ICE?

At ICE, we’ll be showing our full omni experience and the seamless interactions our customers can deploy across all channels. Our modular platform allows operators to plug and play the parts of the platform that suit their needs, taking advantage of the flexibility that enables us to provide the most suitable solution for each of our partners. Over the next year, we will continue to build on our customer profiling infrastructure, bringing more personalisation to our products, to develop more unique widgets and to raise the bar in creating user journeys that leverage our mastery of big data analysis.


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