Guide to CMD368 Sportsbook Online Betting Odds


Guide to Cmd368 Online Sports Betting Odds ( Malay, Indo, Hong Kong ) Odds

CMD368Cmd368 – Online sports betting is available at thousands of online sportsbooks in 2017 especially in Malaysia and Indonesia markets. You can place betting on thousands of popular markets, such as Soccer,Basketball,Badminton,Virtual Sports, E-Sports and the others. If there’s a sport happening around the world, chances are there’s an online betting market on cmd368 available.

Cdm368 online betting sites is that you can bet on single game or much of game at once (mix-parlay). And all sportsbooks count out your odds for you with easy-to-use betting ticket. Cmd368 Sportsbook have a built-in sports bet calculator to help sports bettor count of their wagers and the payout.

There many of sports betting online in the world, the odds can be displayed in a variety of ways. American sites have their own system, while Asian-focussed sportsbooks often use MY,HK and Indo Odds. Let’s see how to calculate those types of odds, how you can use a sports odds calculator to improve your sports betting on cmd368 and discover the best odds converter on the sports betting site.

Introducing a Cmd368 Online Sports Betting Odds And Variations

The very important thing to let you know before you start betting on cmd368 sports market is understand how the odds work out. And if you would like to be better with sports betting then you should continue reading this articles !

The good benefit of using cmd368 live streaming sportsbook online betting is that you can bet on sporting events that take place anywhere in the world. But one of this sometimes can be the possibility can appear in a format that you don’t know.

All sports betting opportunities are just a method to show a winning chance. You can use our chances to win a calculator to see how different types of opportunities represent this percentage. As an alternative, depending on where you live, you can use odds converters to search bets in other formats.

There are three different ways on cm368 sports betting site can be made.

  • Malay Odds
  • Indo Odds
  • Hongkong Odds

Read on below articles, we will define some different of  each odds formats, or use our odds converter calculate to convert sports betting odds to your favorite odds display.

Understanding Cmd368 Malay Odds

Cmd368 Malaysian odds or Malay odds are effectively the opposite of US odds. They also work on positive/negative system of display are one way to correspond the relationship between your stake and your potential profit on a given bet, These odds depend on local market and are similar to a local language in a way

These a few examples that will illustrate the conversion from American odds into Malaysian odds are effectively contra. Malaysian Odds are expressed in decimals, either positive or negative. They show the bet has a less than 50% chance of success. So a bet which was -0.10 would require just 0.10 credit to be risk to win 1 credit. An even money bet is shown as 0.

Where the odds are positive:

Stake x Odds = Profit ( Only affect if your bet is win )

Where the odds are negative:

Stake / Odds = Profit ( Only affect if your bet is lose )

Example :

  1. A Champion Cup match indicate Real Madrid take on Manchester City. Real Madrid (HDP -0.5) odds  is -0.88 , and you have place a bet with 100 credit you only need to pay for 88 credit ( 100 x 0.88 odds ) if you lose, and if the stake you bet is win, you will win total 100 credit.
  2. A Champion Cup match indicate Barcelona take on Mancester United with total score at odds 0.79 and you have place a bet 100 credit, if you lose you will lose 100 credit and for the bet you win, only win for 0.79 x 100 = 79 credit.

Understanding Cmd368 Indo Odds

Cmd368 Indonesia sports betting is an inept subject in this country. Sports betting is actually illegal, it should be hard for member to place wager on their favorite teams and games in sports betting site. Of course, this restriction on sports betting has simply driven most action in underworld along with other activities the authorities deem questionable.

Indonesia odds, or Indo odds are similiar with American odds, they are the same odds just divide by 100. The positive number mean as +120 are simply expressed as 1.20 so the plus sign is implied if it is not there.

Example :

Match England vs Portugal ( Soccer )

  • Example 1 : Placing bet on England total score with 100 credit at indo odds 1.16
    Which mean that if you win, you will get 1.16 x 100 = 116 credit.
  • Example 2 : Placing bet on England total score at -1.35 odds with 100 credit
    Which mean that for win each credit, you would need to risk 1.35 (you need to risk 135 credit to win 100 credit)

Midas Club Elite vs STARS ( E-sports )

  • Placing bet on those team HDP 1.5 at indo odds 3.12
    This mean that for each credit bet,you would win total of 3.12
    If you place a bet 100 will payout total 312, so you are risking 100 to win total 212 (the odds count with your total bet amount which count as 1)

Understanding Cmd368 Hong Kong Odds

Hong Kong or HK odds are exactly easiest way to follow and calculated. Different country convert odds in different formats when it comes to betting. These odds are simply another expression of the relationship between your initial stake and your potential profit.

Sportsbook Betting in Hongkong is the most developed and sophisticated, there are many comprehensive syndicates that have place a large wagers on any sportsbook especially in soccer and horse racing

Below a few examples of Hong Kong odds in everyday people use for betting. You will notice a lot of similarity between HK odds and other odds such as Malay odds. Most of bettor believe HK odds are the simplest and easiest to understand odds in Sports market.

Example :

Spain vs Scotland ( Soccer )

If you are placing bet on Spain HDP -2 at HK odds 0.70, which mean if you bet for 200 then you will win ( 200 x 0.70 ) = 140 credit.

If you are placing bet on Spain total score at HK odds 1.19 which mean if you bet for 200 then you will win ( 200 x 1.19 ) = 238 credit

These odds are very simple, it only show how much you will win for each credit wagered calcuted with odds. HK Odds might be the simplest of all formats to understand well.

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