GamePlay Interactive Release a New Slot Game, “Lucky Royale”


Spin the reels in a Kingdom of Wins with the prestigious new 20-line Lucky Royale slot machine from Gameplay Interactive! Join four card characters as they work with you to create Wild combinations. The King of Spades, Queen of Hearts, King of Clubs and Queen of Diamonds are all awaiting your highness. Your chariot awaits…

With another great looking release, Gameplay have introduced a game that offers you massive chances at hitting wins. There is of course a normal wild symbol like most games, but where the game separates itself is with the other wild features. There are four card characters in the game including two kings and two queens. Each one has a special wild feature like x-wilds, square wilds, vertical expanding wilds and horizontal expanding wilds. With so many great wild options available its easy to see why this game is so exciting.  Features aside, the game looks great and has a fun soundtrack.

Slot features include: Wild Crowns, King of Spades Wild X, Queen of Hearts Wild Square, King of Clubs Wild Horizontal, and Queen of Diamonds Wild Vertical

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