This is the Super Fight We’ve Been Waiting For!


Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Conor McGregor

Do you even remember when was the last time either of these men was out of the spotlight?

Ever since they first exchanged blows on Twitter, fight fans and live betting vets became giddy at the possibility of Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather duking it out in the ring. Everyone knows that this will be a giant affair, with everyone making a bet online on who will win.

With the highly publicized bout – dubbed the “Money Fight” – only days away from happening, betting websites are blowing up with last-minute punts for either fighter. Some are even claiming that betting for this match is arguably larger than the Super Bowl.

While it’d be intriguing to make our punts now, I’d say that we pause and study the participants in this much-awaited clash.

If we have to attach the “Challenger” monicker to anybody, it’d have to be to Conor “The Notorious” McGregor. The Irishman is the poster boy of the UFC, the biggest presence in combative sports. He is trained in multiple styles of fighting and is known to have powerful strikes to go with his ground game.

Meanwhile, Floyd “Money” Mayweather is the undefeated king in the boxing ring. He has fought over 40 times as a professional and never lost a single match. He is known among boxing circles as a slippery and technical boxer who catches opponents with quick and precise counters. While some may complain that his style is too boring, 49 wins and 26 knockouts don’t lie.

Both fighters have personalities and egos that are bigger than themselves, fully displayed in that media circus of a pre-fight tour. Money and The Notorious got neck-deep into psychological warfare, unleashing verbal jabs that hurt as much as their strikes.

While one can argue that McGregor is the better smack-talker, it’s pretty much undeniable that Mayweather is the better boxer. Manny Pacquiao, Shane Mosley, Ricky Hatton, and Oscar De La Hoya are some of the notches in his belt. Moreover, McGregor will still have to wrestle with boxing rules on fight night, and the difference between the two is stark.

However, it’s hard to deny that the Irishman can make you feel that anything can happen. He has shown in the UFC that he is a very capable stand-up fighter who can dish a nasty punch. Moreover, Mayweather hasn’t fought professionally since 2015. While he may still have the fight in him, I’m not sure if his 40-year-old self can keep up with Conor’s energy.

There are certain ways this fight could end: Floyd finishes Conor early, Floyd wins by decision, or Conor shocks the world and knocks Floyd out cold. I’m betting on the second option to happen.

I urge fans to go for Mayweather Draw No Bet @ 1.20. I feel McGregor bit off more than he could chew, but I am more than happy to be proven wrong.

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Are You Ready for More F1 Fun?


Belgian Grand Prix

The Formula 1 season is back, which means sports betting fans will be more than happy to welcome the return of the blistering pace and awe-inspiring driving from the world’s best drivers.

The Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps is the perfect backdrop to resume the fast and furious races the current Formula 1 season is built on. There are favourites to win the race, but the month-long break may have helped a team or two improve their machines. Live betting pundits will have a grand time skimming through betting odds to find the perfect punt.

The obvious favourites to win the race are the Ferraris. Lewis Hamilton – the biggest favourite to win the race at 1.60 outright odds – and the rest of the Mercedes team may be keeping up with the Italian Stallion, but they have been holding the leash the entire season. Sebastian Vettel (4.00) is the likely racer to start on pole.

Kimi Raikkonen (11.00) may not have won any race this season, but he is intimately familiar with Belgium: he won four times in this track in his career. Fans and rivals better take note of what he can do on the track.

Mercedes surely won’t let up on Ferrari to catch up on the Driver Standings and build a solid lead in the Constructor Championship. Valtteri Bottas (4.50) is also having a fantastic season and will fight alongside his team-mate to pressure Vettel.

Red Bull Racing have been on the tail-end of the conversation lately, but they do have powerful engines and very talented drivers to push the cars to the limit. Both Max Verstappen (23.00) and Daniel Ricciardo (29.00) have a good chance of making the race more interesting to fans.

While the other racers have more chances of discovering a new insect than win in this race, it’d be notable to take a note of some of them.

The Belgian Grand Prix will be chock-full of moments and racing fun for everybody, and Sunday can’t come soon enough.

For the latest sports update, p Fernando Alonso (1001.00) may be struggling with McLaren, but he is still a talented driver that could win points if given a slight opportunity. Esteban Ocon (501.00), Felipe Massa (501.00), Sergio Perez (501.00) and Nico Hulkenberg (801.00) will make the battle for the podium interesting as well. Promotions and betting picks with SBOBET get social with our official Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Facebook accounts. Visit SBOBET and join us now. Start placing your bets today!