Castle Builder II is Now Live at Top Microgaming Casinos !


MicrogamingOne of the most anticipated new online slots by Microgaming is finally live and available at top online casinos!

Castle Builder II is set to take the casino industry by storm with its unique combination of strategy and slot elements. Fun, bustling, and rewarding, this casino game is guaranteed to appeal to gamers with a love for slots.
Sequel to the popular Castle Builder slot, this new addition to the Microgaming catalogue is jam-packed with amazing features.

“We have had great success with Castle Builder, launching the game to over 80 operators worldwide. The second instalment provides extended gameplay and high replay value by way of more kingdoms, more levels, and more achievements,” said Thomas Schleischitz, CEO of Rabcat, the brains behind this new Microgaming slot.

“By embracing the concept of unlocking content and continuous progression, the game encourages players to come back for more.”

Big Castle Builder II Features

Schleischitz is right. The huge number of features that awaits punters on this slot will definitely have you flocking back to your favourite Microgaming casino.

The premise of the game is this: You’re a castle builder travelling throughout the kingdom in order to build castles for beautiful princess.

You must start the game by selecting one of three avatars that each come with their own perks (or lack thereof). You’ll start your journey in one of the towns where a piece of ground needs to filled with a castle.

As you spin the reels of the 15 payline slot, you’ll fill the pallets with building materials found on the game screen. The more wins you land using the building material symbols, the quicker you’ll build the castle. Keep your eye on the castle bar at the top of the screen. Once it’s full, you’ll have completed your current round.

Next up is the royal wedding! During your building spins, admirers of your work (and the beautiful princess you’re building for) will appear. Once the castle is complete, take your pick of the admirers, and they will marry the princess! Each of the admirers has their own cash reward so choose wisely.

Once you’ve completed one castle, move on to the next, unlock new regions, and fill the world with wonderful creations!

Symbols and Soundtrack

The beautifully animated graphics of this slot are utterly perfect. They fit the theme perfectly and you’ll have to stop and wonder whether you’re playing an online slot or if you’re in the middle of a Disney movie.

Symbols on the reels include building materials such as wood, stone, and brick. You’ll also find your chosen avatar as the Wild, a royal chest, a ring, a crown, and gold bars.

Upbeat and exciting, the soundtrack is the perfect accompaniment to what is certainly bound to be your new favourite online slot.

Don’t miss this new release at top Microgaming casinos today!

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